Cecilia and the Bumblebees

(Written In Five Languages – English, French, Spanish,

Italian, German)



118 Pages

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Cecilia and the Bumblebees-English,French,Spanish,Italian,German


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Expose and encourage your children to read in different languages. Research has shown that younger kids learn languages quite easily and most kids have fun doing it.  In today’s competitive world, the ability to speak different languages is an advantage and will be beneficial to their future career.  Give children the opportunity to learn different languages at an early age.

Cecilia and the Bumblebees offers a unique opportunity to children to learn to read book in Five different languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian)

All translations and readings were completed by Native Speakers of these languages.  This is truly a one in a million opportunity!

118 Pages in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Available in Paperback, E-Book and Audio Book.

This entertaining Children’s book (for ages up to 9 years old).

The story is about the adorable Cecilia who disliked and was fearful of Bumblebees just because one buzzed in her ear and chased her away from the backyard when she was playing with her dog, Billy.  Although, she was fearful of them at first but, she soon learned to like these creatures when she was encouraged by her Mom and Dad to try on a Bumblebee outfit in a costume store. She was so excited to be a Bumblebee that she soon overcame her fears of these creatures.