Reviews of EM.EM. Genesis' Books by Readers.

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I read Words of Wisdom by Warriors and Stories of Encouragement and I keep it in my handbag when I need a pep talk. Thank you for writing this book ~ C. Dumbar
I’m reading the Tales from an American Soldier’s Diary and find it very fascinating. I’m not sure I can be as forgiving as this Giovanni but it’s a great book and I look forward to the ending. ~ Paula Seares
I finished Words Of Wisdom and Tales from An American Soldiers Diary. I enjoyed Both of EM.EM Genesis Books….Thank You very much. ~  Edgar R
I just bought Words of Wisdom and Stories of Encouragement and I intend on using it as a daily handbook. We all need to be motivated sometimes ~ Michelle W
I enjoyed your books.  ~ Hendra L
I just bought your book. I can’t wait to read “Words of Wisdom for Warriors”! ~ Imani W
I’m glad to be able to leave a review on your books Words of Wisdom for Warriors and Stories of Encouragement and Tales from an American Soldier’s Diary. Thank you for writing these amazing books. ~ Mark Andrews
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the great motivational handbook.  Jackie W
I read both books.  Words of Wisdom and stories of encouragement was very inspirational, it was an easy read.  It was like a secularized version of proverbs. In this book there were nuggets of information for better living.   I liked The Book very much, Would you consider spiritualizing the book more with scripture references?  Overall I loved the positive flow you have in this book.
Tales from an American Soldier’s Diary would make for a good screen play.  I read this in a couple hours.  It sounds like a real Autobiography of Officer McDonnell’s experience in Iraq and Afganistan. The book really kept my attention and has the makings of a great Action Flick. Everyone can relate to Giovanni’s story. He was a Chicago Italian American that had some awful breaks and turned his trauma to triumph. I loved the War stories and the fact you weren’t too descriptive with the romantic interludes. I loved the part when He realized His Oldest Daughter was grieving the loss of Her Sister and Giovanni had not consoled His Eldest Daughter because He was caught up in his own Grief.  His coming out of the pity party to console His Young Daughter was Great writing and great teaching on your part. We all have to get over ourselves from time to time.   EM.EM. Genesis, you are a skilled writer.  Keep up the good work.  Edgar Rol
Reviews  for “Anania Goes To…. Africa
Anania captures the essence of West Africa. The precocious thirteen year-old with the heart of gold and a refreshing maturity is a one-stop encyclopedic field trip of a family vacation to West Africa albeit sparing us any of the inconveniences and disappointments that can sometimes muck up the best laid plans.
If it wasn’t for Anania’s perky, unstoppable positive enthusiasm, cheerful resiliance, and her studious youthful observations this story could have easily been overshadowed by Africa’s history of slavery. Nevertheless, like a normal teen with eyes on her future but grounded in the present she takes a look around, takes it all in, offers a sobering hat-tip to the sadness of the past and pulls herself together for the next flight, the next arrival, the next museum, the next restaurant and she even makes it into a wedding party! Anania is a role model who leaves us with just enough information to peak our curiosity or at the least we come away knowing more. For those of us who have never been there she gives us quite a lot to take in. ~ Cecilia~
Some reviews:
By saumya
Format:Kindle Edition
I found this book whilst looking for something to read. As a person who attended boarding school, I was very keen to read Boarding School Secrets. I find it very fascinating and I can relate to some of the stories. Thanks for writing this. Everyone should read this book.
By Jessica Brant
Format:Kindle Edition
I read this novel over a week. It was heavy, fun and uplifting. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of the Author’s books.
By nbsnbs03
Format:Kindle Edition
Boarding School Secrets was an amazing read. The book has many dark moments but also showed the resilience of the human spirit and how one can overcome any situations. Bravo to the Author.