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Fred Wilson hated Black people with a passion. He blamed them for every problem he ever encountered in his life and even the chance that his own biological father may have been a Bi-racial man didn’t seem to deter him nor changed his heart about his hate for Blacks.

He inflicted unimaginable acts of terror and pain on his own children and their mother and left a trail of destruction and evil wherever he went which forever, negatively impacted his own children and other families.

Will his sons, Shane and Brad, have to bear the punishment for their father’s iniquities or will the Universe and its people be forgiving towards them?


It was Dark, In the Rain

When Evil descended on us

Shattering our loving home

In the Dark, In the rain

Papa was angry, screaming

Nigger Lover, I’m gonna kill ya!

Mama was dead

My Brother was gone

In the Dark, In the Rain!

Evil is Real

But Love Shall Overcome!

~ Shane Wilson (Character in the Novel)